PS5 console deals and prices in the UK


The PS5 got announced on the 11th of June 2020, however we didn’t get a price or a release date. The closer we get to the release of the PS5, the more information will be revealed and this page will be updated every time more information comes available!

We also know the price as of 18/09/2020 and the release date! Check below.

Below is a list of questions we hope get answered shortly as we finally got the first look at Sony’s new gaming console.

The PS5 hardware revealed!

When will the PS5 be released in the UK?

UPDATE: 19/09/2020

Here we are! Finally we have a release date. Friday 19th of November 2020 the PS5 will be released in the UK. Some other countries (like the US and Australia) will get the PS5 on the 12th of November 2020.

Sony’s PlayStation 5 will be released in a Blu-ray edition and a Digital only edition.

What will the PS5 cost in the UK?

UPDATE: 19/09/2020

The PS5 comes in two version, Digital and with disk drive. The Digital version will cost £349. The disk drive version of the PS5 will cost £449.

UPDATE 21/06/2020:

Amazon France seems to have leaked the price which should be around €399 for the Digital edition and €499 for the PS5 with disc drive.

Who will be selling the PS5 and where to pre-order in the UK?

UPDATE: 19/09/2020

Most pre-orders are already sold-out but take a look at the below to check if there is any stock.

Going via some Twitter feeds of UK retailers like, The Game Collection or Pre-orders can’t officially be made until Sony gives permission.

What can be done is registering your interest for the PS5, so when the console does become available for pre-order, you’re the first one to know! This can be done via various retailers, see below for a list:

Remember to support your local game retailer if possible!

How much will PS5 games cost?

It seems that the games on the PS5 will cost more than on the PS4. The announced basketball game NBA2K21 costs $69.99 in the US on PS5. While the PS4 version costs $59.99.

The “$10” price hike is consistent across borders, with the Australian price going up by $10 dollars as well, even when the conversion rates are completely different. In the UK you can expect a £10 price hike on PS5 games as well.