Welcome to Bestvideogamedeals.co.uk!

Bestvideogamedeals.co.uk (formerly known as bestvideogame.deals) brings you the latest price changes from games shops and electronic retailers in the UK. We make it easy for you with the help of our web scrapers that hunt for the best video game deals across the UK. We alert you to all price drops, changes and special offers to find the best discounts and video game deals for YOU!

About us i.e. me (the one-man band behind the screen)

This website was built out of frustration after finding it difficult to find and keep track of the latest prices for video games in the UK.

After spending countless hours going over multiple websites and constantly checking prices for my “wanted” games list, I took matters into my own hands.

This all started as bestvideogame.deals in 2018 as a side-project, made in my spare time using Python’s Scrapy and Google’s Puppeteer to get the latest prices. For the front-end, I’ve used GatsbyJS (static site generator) with React Native.

In 2020, I “re-branded” as bestvideogamedeals.co.uk and build the website with WordPress as CMS. This to make it easier to maintain and being able to write blog articles.

Suggestions, questions on how the site was built or just want to get in contact?

Send me an email to: bestvideogamesdeals@gmail.com